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Inspired by the classic tale, New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter invites you to travel down the rabbit hole with sixteen year old Alice Bell, who loses her family in a car crash and finally learns the truth—the monsters her father warned her about are real…and she was born to slay them.


Now, in the stunning conclusion to the wildly popular White Rabbit Chronicles, Alice “Ali” Bell thinks the worst is behind her. She’s ready to take the next step with boyfriend Cole Holland, the leader of the zombie slayers…until Anima Industries, the agency controlling the zombies, launches a sneak attack, killing four of her friends. It’s then she realizes that humans can be more dangerous than monsters…and the worst has only begun.

Lend a Limb to

The Toronto Zombie Walk


The Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade is in desperate need of financial help to run

the 2014 event.


The Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade is the largest free Halloween event in Toronto. The event is run by a small group of volunteers, who spend their whole year raising the dead and money to support this event and keep it free and inclusive.


Costs include, street closures, security, insurance, volunteer expenses, entertainment, transportation, rental equipment and more.


The TZW started in 2003 with a handful of zombies and has grown into a full scale Halloween festival with over 10,000 participants, including legions of zombies, monster syndicates, fiendish floats, undead marching bands and almost any horror themed oddity you could nightmare up.


With it's continued growth costs have gone up exponentially. Despite continued fundraising activities, searches to find sponsors, and grant applications the Toronto Zombie Walk is still $7000 under budget and has only 6 weeks to raise the total funds for the event.


So, if you can spare a limb or two we are asking those who have enjoyed the TZW to help us by donating a dollar or two for every time they’ve attended the walk and parade.


If we make more money than we need all extra funds will go to
our 2014 Charity of Choice, The Canadian Wildlife Federation
Help the Bats.


Thanks and we could not do this without your undying support!



Does a corpse float?!!!!!!


It just might at the

Toronto Zombie Walk

and Halloween Parade.


That’s right, if you didn’t catch it last year, The Toronto Zombie Walk now accepts float and vehicles in its macabre procession of all things from the underworld.


Have you ever wanted to make a giant kraken, a cemetery on wheels, decorate a ghoul bus! Well, now’s your chance, showcase your creation to thousands of onlookers.

Be part of the Toronto’s biggest Halloween event!


Floats and vehicles must be Halloween themed, and pre-approved by the Toronto Zombie Walk Board of Directors.

*Bicycle floats are an exception, you build them, we take them!

If interested write



The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) doesn’t currently list “zombies” as a species at risk. But this year’s Toronto Zombie Walk is going a little “batty” to help out a species whose populations may soon be:  Canada’s bats!   October 25th, CWF will be the charity of choice at the 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk as thousands of zombies join the annual “march of the macabre” through the downtown core.


In conjunction with the CWF Help the Bats initiative, participating zombies and curious spectators will be encouraged to lend their financial support to the respected conservation organization in its efforts to save Canadian bats from white nose syndrome (WNS), a disease that is decimating their populations. Some species, like the Little Brown Bat, can decline by 90 to 100 per cent when infected by WNS.


Bats are a much-maligned and misunderstood member of the mammal family, often feared for the mistaken belief they are the scary blood-sucking creatures of Hollywood lore. To the contrary, bats are highly intelligent and they consume a large number of insects, making them an important ally to agriculture and forestry partners.


     Look for the CWF tent on site at this year’s TZW to drop off donations, win prizes and learn more about bats!


For full details, visit www.helpthebats.ca.

Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Step right up this way, for one day and one day only, The Toronto Zombie walk and Nerf Zombie Strike are joining forces to give you The Nerf Zombie Strike Midway!

Rolling into town on October 25th and making its one and only appearance in Nathan Phillips Square, right in the middle of the Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade, The Nerf Zombie Strike Midway will bring all of the thrills, chills, and blood spills that folks expect out of a fearsome fun fair…Face the challenge of its gore-iffic games! Any enterprising and skillful creature of the night can take chance to win for their very own, many fear-tastic Nerf Zombie Strike prizes… Face the challenge of the Nightmare Clown! The Toxic Waste Barrel Toss! The Zombie Zapping Gallery!


Any monster stands a fair chance to win, so crawl outta those swamps, fly outta those belfries, dig yourselves outta them coffins , and disinter yourselves outta them castle crypts and make your way down to the Nerf Zombie Strike Midway, only at the one, the only, the uncomparable Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade!


Remember, you must be this

gruesome to enter!!


Last year we shared a survey and asked what your

favourite tricks or treats were?


For our musical component over 75% of zombies and Halloweeners chose The Creepshow as the band they would love to see most at The Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade.


Well Halloween has come early with a very special treat for you…


The Creepshow will be playing the

2014 Toronto Zombie Walk

and Halloween Parade!


Stick around after the walk for some tombs that could wake the dead and possess the living.






Funding provided by the Government of Ontario