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OCTOBER 25, 2014


We’d like to thank all the vendors who have supported The Toronto Zombie Walk throughout the years. We believe that vending at The Toronto Zombie Walk not only gives vendors an opportunity to sell product, but it is also a great opportunity for businesses to gain exposure to a direct market of Halloween and Zombie Enthusiasts. Your participation and rental of a booth helps support the Toronto Zombie Walk and ensures that it will run far into the afterlife. So a big undead thank you!


Some of our return vendors include:

Fee Fi Fo Fun

Revenant FX

Creeped Out Canada

Books of the Dead Press

Theatrix Costume House

Cakes Cove


In saying that, we are now accepting applications for new vendors at our Zombie Market, located at Nathan Phillips Square and open from 10am to 8pm on October 25th.


Please write for an application form.


The Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade has limited spots and will be choosing vendors who fit a Halloween, Horror or Zombie Theme.


Please allow the TZW two weeks to review your application.


The volunteer of the month for June is

Pam Sloan


For years, Pam has been gracing the car wash with her gory severed hands, and is now a contributing member to the Board of Directors.  Pam is also the designer for the TZW website and the go-to IT ghoul we all count on.


When Pam isn’t working tirelessly on TZW things, she is a very talented Graphic Designer with her own business, Pam Sloan Designs.   Pam also volunteers for other events in Toronto and can also be found rocking out on stage playing her Bass guitar.


The TZW wants to thank Pam for her years

of hard work, and undying support!

Calling all corpses, monsters, and fiends of all ages, shapes, and states of decay!


It is with great ghoulish gusto that the Toronto Zombie Walk is thrilled to announce that it will again be stalking the city streets on Saturday October 25th for The 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade!


Now that the snow covered crypts have begun to thaw, the graveyard ground has softened up and the rigor mortis has been worked out of their moldering, frost bitten muscles, you can almost hear the buzzing of anticipation (or is it flies?) amongst the undead who are working double overtime graveyard shifts to bring this years’ annual cavalcade of cadavers to the confines of Nathan Phillips Square, located right in the worm eaten heart of Canada’s largest cemetery…err…city.


Be sure to keep your gouged eyes peeled and the worms cleared out of your ears, because the Toronto Zombie Walk will be working with Nerf to bring some extra special Zombie Strike action to this years’ event! Keep tombed in…for now!

By: Stefania Zanini

Which spooky door would
YOU walk through?


The secret behind each door may just unlock
your true personality traits!


Step 1
Pick the door that you feel most naturally drawn towards.


Step 2
Click the picture below to be redirected to the description for that door and see
if our mystic from beyond the grave is able to predict your personality!

From the vaults of 2013:
A Toronto Zombie Walk retrospective

2013 was the year of the ZOMBIE! Zombies were not only everywhere they were also breaking out of their Halloween confines to appear at anytime of year. I was happy to work with the Toronto Zombie Walk to encourage and promote the unleashing of the undead upon the expecting and un~expecting at any time possible.




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A big THANK YOU to our generous sponsors!