We trust that all zombies, ghouls, monsters, etc. will have eaten lots of brains and therefore have common sense. However, because of past complaints we have to point out a few important points to think about to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun day and that the Toronto Zombie Walk & Halloween Parade is a welcome event in the streets of Toronto for years to come.

You are responsible for your own corpse.




Respect other’s personal space. There are no special mauling rights given to zombies

and/or monsters.




Respect other people’s property, as well as the businesses along the parade route and in the area. Eat brains, but leave no marks behind.

Flyers cannot be handed out during or along the parade route.

Banners and signs may be held in and along the parade route.

We ask people not to flyer or promote their products/services/organizations at Nathan Philips Square during the days events. We have many vendors, artists, exhibotirs and sponsors that have paid/sponsored money for their space at the Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade.


If interested in having an exhibitor space during the day please visit our sponsor page for more information.

The Toronto Zombie Walk & Halloween Parade is a weapons free event. Please leave your guns and weapons at home.


The Toronto Zombie Walk retains the right to refuse any object that they deem is a violation of this weapons policy.