Happy Valentine's Day from your fiends at the Toronto Zombie Walk

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Which spooky door would
YOU walk through?



The secret behind each door may just unlock your true personality traits!


Step 1
Pick the door that you feel most naturally drawn towards.


Step 2
Read the description for that door below the image to see
if our mystic from beyond the grave is able to predict your personality!

By: Stefania Zanini



Door #1

You are an old school black and white zombie. You prefer classics to trends. No Zemon bologna for you! You are going to shamble through life (well the zombie after life) with diligence, consistency, and perseverance. Brains!


Door #2

Medusa is your Goddess! With one look you can stop people in their tracks! Use this power with discretion. Once you force others to yield to your will, you often get bored with them.


Door #3

In the conservatory with Professor Plum and the candlestick! You love to solve a mystery. Your tarot cards are your best friend, only seconded by your divining rod! You adore everything that has hidden meaning, while you love to solve a mystery, you love being a mystery more (that being said, I can’t tell you much more about you, you’re a mystery!).


Door #4

Like the weaver Arachne, you have the ability to weave beautiful great things. You are a planner and preparer and you love a good yarn. You love to tell and hear stories, and your adventurous nature makes you a great protaganist!


Door #5

Like an oracle, you can hear and see everything. You feel the nature and emotion of the people around you and you use that knowledge to make the world a more open and welcoming place. People talk to you about their problems and you are a natural sooth sayer. Beware, al of this free therapy gets exhausting. Regroup and rejuvenate often.


Door #6

You are as elusive as the Mothman! Just when people think they have you caught, you fly free! Nothing will hold you down! You are at one with nature and are most comfortable in the woods, dense woods, where no one can find you.