Time for some ghoul news!


The Toronto Zombie Walk continues to spread the plague, with or without a walk this year! Fan Expo has offered the TZW a booth at their Horror Expo this weekend!









We will be at booth #5429/5528 and will be providing zombie make up and zombie make up tutorials for children, for free. Come by and get your blood on, or just say hello or goodbye. If you didn’t get a chance to leave an offering for our time capsule at the funeral and have a memory feel free to drop one off at the booth.


Also, Join Thea Munster, Founder of The Toronto Zombie Walk, at Fan Expo on Saturday, September 5th for her panel on Zombie Rights at 3:30pm! Phil Pattison, producer of Vs. the Dead and creator of Night of the Living Dead Live, adrienne everitt, head wrangler for the TZW, and Todd Clark, a local zombie hunter, will be debating just how far a zombie can get in life, er death. It should be interesting!

Dear Beloved Zombies,


It is with heavy, yet appreciative hearts that we thank you for your support in our time of need. Yesterday's outpouring of love did not go unnoticed. You shared your memories and your souvenirs with an ease and openness that speaks to the beautiful and giving nature of our horde. Thank you for attending our service and thank you for accompanying us on our final journey (not walk).


We'd like to thank The Royal Theatre, for being so accommodating and giving us the space to remember that the Toronto Zombie Walk was not just an annual event, it was a family. People met, and married and friends turned into blood brothers and sisters.


We'd like to thank the Ex for allowing us to celebrate the life of the walk, because while the walk only lived to the young age of 12, that life was rich and diverse, and above all: Fun.


We'd like to thank the many neighbourhoods of Toronto that we walked through. When we met you on our journey, your first reaction was always shock and surprise, but this inevitably turned into wonder and joy. Thank you for your candid appreciation.


But most of all we'd like to thank you, fellow zombies, for staying true to us, and walking with us, in death, and in death.



The Toronto Zombie Walk

Dear Zombies,


You are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of The Toronto Zombie Walk on the 29th day of August. Services start at 12pm.


*NEW LOCATION!* The Royal Theatre


Let us ask that this be a celebration of the afterlife and that The Toronto Zombie Walk will rest in pieces, as we remember the times that rampant hordes of flesheaters devoured the living of Toronto while the rivers of blood ran plentiful through the city streets. The carnage reaped upon the city shall never be forgotten and that is why we encourage you to bring photos, stories, and other ghoulish memories for our coffin. The burial of the coffin will be at an undisclosed location for a future unveiling.


Let us not see this as a somber occa...sion, but as a step in the process of resurrection, so let us celebrate and bring the FUN to our funeral. Please join us after our SCARYmony for a procession to the wake at the CNE. There zombies will be treated with thousands of carnival goers to feast upon. Let us not mourn, but enjoy the screams from the Scar-us wheel, Grave-a-tron and the bumper coffins. Enjoy the delicacies of Funnel brain, deep fried limbs, and rotten candy. We looks forward to celebrating with you.


The first 100 funeral attendees to leave a memory in our coffin will receive a free ticket for the exhibition that day. You must be dressed in undead attire to receive this deal!


Keep your eyeballs peeled as more details on exact park location are to be announced.


In loving Memory,

The Toronto Zombie Walk



It is with great sadness that we must announce that the 2015 Toronto Zombie Walk is cancelled.


We want to thank you all for making this event the special event that it has grown to be. And we are sorry to say that we have failed to secure any of our grants or sponsorships for this year, so we must bow out.


Every year The Toronto Zombie Walk takes much blood, sweat and tears by a dead-icated group of volunteers. Without any financial backing and with only five months to go we would rather let the event Rest in Peace and give you due notice than have to cancel last minute.


Please know that you are the ones that made this event phenomenal!!! Who knew that something that started with 7 people could grow to horde of over 15,000 zombies, monsters and ghouls, and with a crowd of thousands of onlookers and victims awaiting your presence? Every year you ~ the zombies of Toronto and fiends from out of town, donned your most ghastly attire shocked and thrilled the city with your horrifying presence. You set the stage for the Halloween season and for that we are proud!


Thanks to all those zombies and non-zombies who have backed us throughout the years, we shall never forget your kindness and support that reached beyond the grave. And of corpse, a special thank you to all those who volunteered their time to make this event great.


May we meat again someday.


Yours truly,

The Toronto Zombie Walk Board of Directors


PS - Stay tuned for notice of our upcoming Zombie Funeral for the TZW,
we hope you will join us for a special memorial.

If you have any concerns or questions please write: info@torontozombiewalk.ca


For press enquiries contact Stefania Zanini: stefania@torontozombiewalk.ca

Do you drag your family from the catacombs each year to march with the dead, or sit in your coffin all year long pondering how to adorn yourself with gore?


We want to hear your

TZW story or tradition!


Each month a new story will be featured on our website and Facebook page. So send those stories and a picture to tiffany@torontozombiewalk.ca.


We look forward to reading all your gory stories!

NOW Magazine's Runner Up for Best Free Community Event!


Thanks to your votes and ongoing support we are pleased to announce that we won Runner Up for "Best Free Community Event" voted by the readers of Now Magazine!


We at the board of directors would like the thank the volunteers, people who attend and support the event, our sponsors, the charities we work with, and the people who voted for us. With out all your help and support we would never been able to achieve something like this.


The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) doesn’t currently list “zombies” as a species at risk. But this year’s Toronto Zombie Walk is going a little “batty” to help out a species whose populations may soon be:  Canada’s bats!   October 25th, CWF will be the charity of choice at the 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk as thousands of zombies join the annual “march of the macabre” through the downtown core.


In conjunction with the CWF Help the Bats initiative, participating zombies and curious spectators will be encouraged to lend their financial support to the respected conservation organization in its efforts to save Canadian bats from white nose syndrome (WNS), a disease that is decimating their populations. Some species, like the Little Brown Bat, can decline by 90 to 100 per cent when infected by WNS.


Bats are a much-maligned and misunderstood member of the mammal family, often feared for the mistaken belief they are the scary blood-sucking creatures of Hollywood lore. To the contrary, bats are highly intelligent and they consume a large number of insects, making them an important ally to agriculture and forestry partners.


     Look for the CWF tent on site at this year’s TZW to drop off donations, win prizes and learn more about bats!


For full details, visit www.helpthebats.ca.

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario