Wayne Mallows & Vicki


Wayne Mallows will be leading the walk and parade with his hearse Vicki, a 1965 Cadillac S&S Victoria.


Wayne is a popular horror author and lover of the macabre. He is involved in many paranormal groups and is known for his collection of hearses.



The Ontario Ghostbusters


The Plan? To keep an eye out

and record our findings for such

a huge paranormal event.


The Ontario Ghostbusters are

a costuming group that

participated in a variety of

events in order to interact with

fans and support charities.




The Malabar Krewe


The Malabar Krewe will be

rocking some classic and

modern Mexican Day of the

Dead costumes, complete

with wild makeup and

maracas! Olé!






*** Rambunctious will be leading

The Toronto Zombie Walk & Halloween Parade

with dirges and tunes fit for a funeral procession. ***


ram-bunc-tious  adj

noisy, very active, and hard to control, usually as a result of

excitement or youthful energy.


Nine horns + 3 drummers = dance party

You make up a song title, we make up a song.


Notorious trumpeter, Michael Louis Johnson leads this ragtag band in an all improvised dance party jam featuring grooves from New Orleans to Harlem, Motown to the Balkans,  Funk to Punk and everything in between.  Are you ready to get Rambunctious?



Evil Inc.


This will be a collection of evil masterminds and supervillains. Mainly science themed.



Harbourfront Zombie Choir

Members of the Harbourfront Chorus (community choir) will be joining with Univox Choir to form what we believe to be the first-ever zombie choir. We will be performing "The Humming Chorus" from Puccini's Madame Butterfly, in appropriate zombie fashion.




NZA Crew


National Zombie Association

Where undead happens.



Giving Great Music a Home



Loco Riders


Custom Bicycle Builders and Enthusiasts.


Riding Custom Till’ Death, and what better way to show it than riding as zombies!




Greenpeace Nuke Team


In a post apocalyptic world,

following a nuclear disaster,

dangerous radiation turned

the human race into a breed

of the nuclear undead.


They've taken over the streets,

covered in neon radioactive

waste, blood and guts, these

non-humans illustrate one

simple message...


We should have invested

in renewable energy.




The Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School Drumline and Hip Hop Dance Crew


Last year the JV Drumline and Dance Crew performed in view of upwards of 100,000 people. Performances included parades throughout Southern Ontario. The JV Drumline opened last year for lengendary rap group the Sugarhill Gang and performed with Josh Trager drummer for the Sam Robert's band. The JV Dance Drumline and Dance Crew are very excited to take part in this year's Zombie Walk.


Make up for the JV Drumline and Dance Crew will be provided by Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Miss Canada Globe Beauty Zombies


Our krewe consists of the 2013 Miss Canada Globe Beauty Queens along with their runners up. Our Queens have retired their beauty side to take on the appearance of zombies, vampires, ghosts and other exciting Halloween disguises. We will be walking along side the fellow zombies, vampires and ghosts in celebration of Halloween and representing true Canadian Beauty.



ToRD Krewe


Toronto Roller Derby

will be rolling out a

team of our scariest

and bloodiest rollergirls

for this year’s parade.

Be on the lookout for

rolling walls of zombie

sailors, packs of undead

Dolls, burning Betties,

bloody Gore-Gore girls,

and deadly Assassins.

We’re bringing the blood

from the track to the streets!



The 519 Older LGBT Services



OBTA Twirlers


Baton twirling Halloween costumed girls!



Heart & Stroke Foundation with Toronto EMS


A zombified Toronto Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Toronto Paramedic Association team will be riding on the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Big Bike to raise critical funds for CPR training across Ontario. A Ghostbusters’s style vintage ambulance will drive behind the krewe.