The Toronto Zombie Walk could not be possible without the dead-ication and

hard work of several volunteers who work year round to ensure that

The Toronto Zombie Walk happens. So, this year we have started a new tradition of Volunteer of the Month to honour the few, the brave, the brain eaters of the living!


* Photo by

Kevin Proulx - Third Eye Photographics *

The volunteer of the month for September is

Adam Invader


If you don’t know Adam personally you probably know his art. Adam has been creating ghoulishly fantastic zombie and horror themed art for the Toronto Zombie walk since 2006.  Adam also prints all of the TZW t-shirts, bags and makes much of the merch for our event.


Adam is also one of the original members of the board of dead resurrectors ,  he has worked every fundraiser and event the TZW has ever held and is now in charge of vendor tables at Nathan Phillips Square on the day of The Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade.


We can truly say without Adam Invader’s hard work and enthusiasm this event would be extremely difficult to run.


The volunteer of the month for June is

Pam Sloan


For years, Pam has been gracing the car wash with her gory severed hands, and is now a contributing member to the Board of Directors.  Pam is also the designer for the TZW website and the go-to IT ghoul we all count on.


When Pam isn’t working tirelessly on TZW things, she is a very talented Graphic Designer with her own business, Pam Sloan Designs.   Pam also volunteers for other events in Toronto and can also be found rocking out on stage playing her Bass guitar.


The volunteer of the month for May is

Shannon Stafford


For over 5 years, Shannon has been lending his severed hands to the TZW by helping out with the Car Wash, fiendraisers, and any other gory events throughout the year.


Shannon's yell for "Braiiiins" is easily recognized and echoes throughout the graveyard. And his enthusiasm is contagious like the plague.


When Shannon isn't shambling down the streets in search of brains, he is in charge of archiving the heaping tombs of pictures that are sent in by event participants. Shannon is also a contributing member of the Toronto Zombie Walk's Board of Directors.


The volunteer of the month for April is

Adrienne Everitt


Adrienne has been volunteering for the TZW for 7 years, and is the Head of Security.


She keeps the zombies in line, and ensures that the walk is safe and free from harm for all participants and spectators.


Throughout the year, Adrienne sets aside her Security clothes and gets zombified to lend a severed hand at various TZW events.


The volunteer of the month for March is

Stefania Zanini


Throughout the year, Stefania works on the Board of Directors for the TZW and is the Head of Public Relations where she helps to spread the word of the undead.


Stefania is also a Visual Art Teacher for high school students.


Her intelligence and creativity are showcased as she teaches, and those traits are also brought to the TZW throughout the year.


The Toronto Zombie Walk appreciates Stefania’s contributions and her dead-icated years of hardwork!


This month’s volunteer of the month goes to the

Mark family ~ Tiffany, Cory, Lily, and Evan.


Not only is Tiffany Mark our head volunteer co-ordinator she also works on tasks for the TZW throughout the entire year, all this while providing ghoulishly delicious desserts and flesh-tastic, zombie food faves for many of our fiendraising events.


Check out her blog here:


Cory Mark, Tiffany’s husband has also lent a hand at our events and provided important help with data collection and statistics, as well as tech advice. Cory also secures a $500 volunteer grant for the TZW through his work, Enbridge.


Even their daughter, Lily Mark, a zombie enthusiast, has designed two children’s t-shirts for the walk.  Including the popular t-shirt “It’s my Party and I can Eat Brains if I want to”. You can see a couple of her tees on our etsy here.


And last but not least we’d like to thank Evan for attending our

zombie events and your support and appreciate that you share your bugs with us.